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All About Me

I'm Jocelyne St-Jacques, founder and owner of Dandee-Care Natural Products, and I'm ready to help you discover and benefit from all the amazing qualities that dandelions have to offer. All of these products and ideas are handmade and created by me!

As a graduate of the Environmental Engineering Technology program in 2017 and experience with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I'm determined to help you find a safe and natural alternative to help you on your healing journey to live a happy and healthy life. My love for the environment shines through in all of my products. I have a strong desire to help the environment and the health of others by living consciously and sustainably. I love creating and seeing the positivity in any situation - even with dandelions, flowers that most people see as weeds.

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My Top Priorities are:

Environment: Create and provide products that leave minimal carbon footprint on our planet.

Your Health: Create natural products that will have immense health benefits that are natural and safe for your body.

Inspire: Encourage an increased appreciation for nature and awareness of the benefits of dandelions.

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