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Hear from Happy Customers

The salve is so soothing on my dry skin, as a moisturizer at bedtime, and the lip balm is a must for my lip balm addiction <3

-Tammy S.


Jocelyne's Dandee-Care products are high quality and extremely effective. I have used the salve and whipped moisturizer.

I used the salve on my 7 month old's cradle cap and it safely removed the build up without the loss of her baby hair. We also love the lavender salve it helps my girls have a calm and peaceful sleep, aided them in the restless struggle to calm down and relax at bedtime. 

Jocelyne's whipped moisturizer got right to work on our dry skin! so soothing after a hot bath!

I highly recommend these all natural high quality products! 5 stars!

-Noelle O.

I just have to stop and say that Dandee-Care has absolutely saved my poor dry hands. They were so cracked and dry from consistent hand sanitizing and no lotion really seemed to help. I apply Dandee-Care and let it sit for a few minutes, sometimes I even put a pair of gloves over top to let it sink in and it's like I have new skin on my hands afterwards!

I also just gotta add that I've struggled with joint pain and arthritis for over half my life, and within minutes of applying Dandee-Care salve on my knee when it's acting up, the discomfort is gone. I love that it is all natural and safe for my body. Thank you so much for making this salve!!

-Rayane H.


The lavender salve helps, especially at night when I rub it on the back of my knee. My husband uses it on a sore spot on his right shoulder and it helps a lot. 

-Elaine H.

My first purchase from Jocelyn was her Dandelion soap, my hair is left clean and soft , then tried her deodorant after a long journey of looking for one without perfumes and chemical additives . This purchase peaked my curiosity to try one item after another , all of which I have really enjoyed and will continue to repurchase . The deodorant is in a large jar which has lasted me over a year , the toner spray leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed , her salve is lovely over dry , itchy , red skin . The lipbalm I apply not only to my lips but also to my temples if nearing a headache . I absolutely love her whipped body butter , I love the texture and the scent of it I apply this to my face , my body and my hair !!

-Tarah S.

We got soooo many soaps made for our wedding and she did AMAZING!! They smelt so good and I find the soap doesn’t dry out my hands or body like other bar soap does. So happy with the way everything turned out.

-Katie F.

Love Dandee-Care bar soap!!! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished. Love that this soap bar is for the whole family. My children love the gentle scent and feeling of their skin and hair.

-Anastasia P.

I bought the dandelion salve for my psoriasis and I am already on day three of using it and it’s doing wonders for my skin! smells great too. Definitely found my new favourite products.

-Carly O.

The natural dandelion salve helped to take the redness out of my sunburn!

-Laurette S.

I have been using the salve as a diaper cream for my toddler and it is more effective than most generic brand diaper creams! It is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it for any parent!

-Shaelynn B.

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